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Building Your Foundation

The Fundamental Source of Nonprofit Strength

Our belief is that nonprofit success can be achieved by focusing on a few foundational sources of strength. Nonprofit leaders need not be overwhelmed. With a guide to lead you, you can succeed at your worthy mission by leaving behind distractions and directing your focus with intention and power.

We equip nonprofit leaders with transformational skills in four transformational disciplines that dramatically strengthen and expand your capacity to do good.

We guide, coach, and mentor you and your team toward proficiency in these four vital pillars of success, positioning your organization for sustainability and optimizing performance. We equip you with powerful tools that grow and endure within your organization.

These four areas of focus, when working optimally,
breathe life into your mission.

Values-Based Board Governance:
The Foundation for Enduring Success

We equip your board with a comprehensive operating system that provides precise clarity of roles and responsibilities, resulting in powerfully effective leadership. It all begins with training for your entire board so that each member understands how they will contribute to creating something that is life-changing.

We help you develop the skills to:

  • Lead with confidence and effectiveness.
  • Identify what it means for the organization to succeed.
  • Communicate expectations with precision and clarity.

When a nonprofit board functions optimally, guided by a comprehensive and coherent system of governance, board meetings are characterized by camaraderie, clarity, fruitful deliberation, achievement, leadership, effectiveness, and fulfillment. Your team will begin to experience superior results and stronger relationships.

Our Training Includes:


Coaching your board chair.


Leading your board retreats.


Facilitating policy development.


Orienting new members.

Visionary Strategic Planning:
A Clear and Structured Path to a Sustainable Future

Strategic planning is the compass and the map used to chart a course to your preferred future. We guide you through a comprehensive six-step process that equips you to identify areas of focus and action that:

  • Align with your mission.
  • Create impact on behalf of those you serve.
  • Inspire support from stakeholders.

A comprehensive strategic plan guides every aspect of your organization, from marketing to operations to finance, enabling you to move forward with a new sense of purpose and clarity.

Our Process Includes:


Hearing from a broad group of stakeholders.


Creating timelines for completion.


Assigning responsibility for follow-through.

Relational Major-Gift Fundraising:
They’ve Been Waiting for Your Call

Launching a major-gift development program is a daunting task.

We walk with you every step of the way, teaching your entire development team a complete process – one that brings significant new revenue to your mission.

We provide face-to-face coaching for fundraisers:

  • In methods that cultivate major donations.
  • Equipping you with tools to overcome the fear often associated with solicitation.
  • Enabling you to establish, manage, and grow a major gift development program.

The routine support, encouragement, and guidance of an experienced major-gift officer can make the difference between success and failure.

As your program grows and develops institutional readiness, we assist you with feasibility studies and the planning and execution of capital campaigns, providing structure, guidance, advice, and accountability.

Our Training Includes:


Guidance on maintaining donor relationships.


Defining a major gift & identifying prospective donors.


Face-to-face coaching along with phone access.


Writing a case for support.


Securing the appointment, making the ask, and the follow-up.

Executive Recruitment:
Positioning every team member for achievement

The process of identifying and recruiting high-impact team members begins with developing a clear understanding of what it means to be successful in the role. While the achievement of your mission depends upon bringing the right people onto your team, you have demands on your time that leave little room for recruitment.

That’s where we step in. We employ a variety of tools to identify candidates with the skills, experience, and intangibles that can contribute to the success of your organization and thrive in your culture.

We help you:


Identify clear role responsibilities.


Align each role with your mission and values.


Uncover experience, skills, and traits best suited for your open position.

Our Guidance is Affordable

Nonprofit Transformation serves clients of every size within the nonprofit sector.

Whether your focus is early childhood intervention, affordable housing, higher education, or healthcare, you can benefit from our services.

We scale our fees based on your operating budget.

We are a 501(c)(3) corporation and are able to offer transformational, capacity-building training to charitable organizations at a reduced cost.

If your budget is less than $1,000,000

and you are struggling to overcome hurdles that have caused you to plateau and have hindered your ability to grow, reach out to us today.

Application Process


Preliminary phone call


Assessment of your nonprofit and our criteria


Submittal of budget data

Let’s get started. Your mission is waiting for you.